The traditional culture nurtured by the all-time heads of the Maeda clan, founded by Lord Maeda Toshiie, still flourishes here and the elegant ambience of the castle town remains till today. One characteristics of Kanazawa is that the wide variety of traditional culture such as artifacts and performing arts are still adopted by many people even today, suggesting how close they are in the daily lifestyle. Among the numerous traditional crafts in this region, the “gold leaf” is one of the most prominent one as over 99% of the national production comes from Kanazawa. Witness the best and pinnacle of skills and beauty of “gold leaf” that has been passed down until the present days here at HAKUICHI.

01Understanding all about Kanazawa gold leaf

Learn All about Gold Leaf

HAKUKOUKAN is the comprehensive gold leaf museum that children as well as adult can enjoy. The Golden Armor/Helmet sitting in the “Gold-leafed Chamber” is the popular companion of photo shooting. See the gorgeous brilliance for yourself. You can enjoy gold leaves with all your five senses at this facility - gold-leafing experiences as well as the gold leaf soft ice cream on top of the obvious, the shopping.

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02Must-have Goody when You Visit Kanazawa

Gold Leaf Soft Ice Cream

Offered in a limited quantity to celebrate the launch of Hokuriku Shinkansen, the “Brilliance of Gold Leaf Soft Ice Cream” has become a tremendous hit that is always included in the special features on Kanazawa. One full sheet of gold leaf boldly draped over the soft ice cream is the unique creation of HAKUICHI. One of its beauties is the skill, resembling the craftsman’s artistry called “gold-leaf transfer”, you can witness right in front of you. Treat your eyes to the gold leaf softly and tactfully wafted over the soft ice cream.

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03Fun Experience for Children as Well as Adult

Gold-leafing Experience

The gold-leafing experience at HAKUICHI is the fun activity children as well as adult can enjoy. We offer a wide variety of courses for beginners as well as for advanced visitors. You can choose from our various offers to suit your budget and time - those who want the real things can make crafts with real gold and silver leaves, and small children can create cute designs easily.

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