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Enjoy the “Brilliance of Gold Leaf Soft Ice Cream”, one of the most famous sweets in today’s Kanazawa, or other sweets and coffee topped by gold leaf as well as local sake and beer.

Take a leisurely break in your busy sightseeing schedule in this spacious café. The entirely glass-walled space is so open, and is the perfect place to enjoy the cherry blossoms in spring.

Very Kanazawa Sweets,

Gold Leaf Soft Ice Cream

The “Brilliance of Gold Leaf Soft Ice Cream” is No.1 seller at HAKUICHI CAFÉ. The boom started three days prior to the launch of Hokuriku Shinkansen. We offered the ice cream in the limited quantity to celebrate the launch, and it was covered by many TV shows which ignited the boom. It has grown into a huge hit ever since, and domestic as well as overseas TV stations have asked to cover it. Enjoy the Gold Leaf Soft Ice Cream many celebrities come here for at “HAKUICHI CAFÉ”.
It is priced at 891 yen, which can be read similar to our company name of HAKUICHI. May sound a little expensive, yet you will find it well worthy only if you actually see and taste this delicacy.

Full Range of Sweets,

including Seasonal Anmitsu Parfait

HAKUICHI CAFÉ, offering Japanese-style sweets, has been loved by locals for a long time. Our offers include ice cream & anmitsu parfait with seasonal fruits as well as warabimochi jelly, and sweet red bean soup in winter. Customers just for cups of coffee are also welcomed. Enjoy leisurely time while waiting for your family members to come back from the gold-leafing experience or to ease your pleasant fatigue from your shopping.

Spacious Place

with 50 Seats

With tables layed out with plenty of space in between, the café accommodates 50 customers. If you arrive in a group tour by a large tourist coach, don’t worry. We have plenty of seats to welcome all of you. The entrance is equipped with the wheelchair ramp for wheelchairs and baby buggies.

Information for Group Visitors

Main Store HAKUKOKAN is the comprehensive gold leaf museum to let you enjoy gold leaf with your five senses. Within five-minute drive from Kanazawa Nishi Exit (or 1 minute to the up-way toll gate), it is conveniently located to include in any sightseeing plans of Kanazawa. Makes a wonderful part of a trip to Kanazawa/Noto or to the surrounding Hokuriku areas. Free parking space can accommodate up to six large tourist coaches. We are proud that our past visitors were very happy for a wide variety of fun expedition in the gold leaf world such as the museum, experience and café they enjoyed in a short length of time.
Group visits can be arranged for parties of 10 or more, or even school trips of over 100.
We accept group visits anytime, so please inquire today.