Tourist Facility HAKUKOKAN - Group Reservation

Main Store HAKUKOKAN is the comprehensive gold leaf museum to let you enjoy gold leaf with your five senses. It is conveniently located to include in travel plans to Kanazawa/Noto or to the surrounding Hokuriku areas. We are proud that our past visitors were very happy for a wide variety of fun expedition in the gold leaf world such as the museum, experience and café they enjoyed in a short length of time.
We accept group visits anytime, so please inquire today.

What Is Great about the Comprehensive Gold Leaf Museum HAKUKOKAN?

  • Accommodates Groups of up to 70

    HAKUICHI is the only place in Kanazawa to offer programs for up to 70 people. We can accommodate groups of over 100 by altering groups for the museum tour and for the experiences. We will be more than happy to suggest plans, so feel free to inquire.

  • Overseas Groups Are Welcomed

    As we have received many overseas groups, we can offer the full range of services. Brochures in English, Chinese and Korean are also available.

  • Conveniently Located for the Kanazawa Sightseeing Plan

    Accessible to major tourist destinations (Kenrokuen, Omicho Market, Higashi Chayagai) in 30 minutes. Just five-minute drive from Kanazawa Nishi Exit, you can easily include this facility before or after the visit to the city.

  • Flexible Plan Selection for Your Schedule

    If you only have time for the museum tour or want to take time for gold-leafing experience, we can offer you the perfect plan to meet your wishes. Feel free to inquire.

  • Same-day Reservation Accepted

    If you want to change your plan due to the bad weather or find yourself with extra time, let us know. We can arrange a program at the time of your choosing right on the same day.

  • Enjoy Shopping or Time at a Café

    You can enjoy a wide array of activities, not only the experiences and museum tours but shopping and indulging yourself with gold leaf sweets at our café. Visitors of all ages sure can have fun.

  • Free Parking Space for Large Tourist Coaches

    Accommodates up to six coaches. Our staffs will show your drivers where to park, so rest assured and visit us.

  • Open Daily

    We are open throughout the year, including weekends and holidays. So visit us anytime. *We are closed only on January 1.

  • Gold-leafing Experiences in Higashi Chayagai

    We can accommodate up to 30 people at our “Kanazawa Bikazari Asano” in the popular tourist destination of Higashi Chayagai.

Examples of HAKUKOKAN Visits

Quick and Casual30-Minute Plan

For up to 80 visitors. Inquire for 81 or more.
The perfect plan for visitors who want to enjoy gold leaf in a short period of time. Our guide will tell you about the property and history of gold leaf. Then, you can enjoy shopping. Choose your favorites from our wide range of products such as oil blotting paper, cosmetics, sweets/alcoholic beverage and crafts.

Fully and Thoroughly60-minute Plan

For up to 70 visitors. Inquire for 71 or more.
The perfect plan for groups that want to learn, touch and feel the gold leaf culture. After learning the property and history of gold leaf in the museum tour, enjoy the gold-leafing experiences (*30 - 60 minutes depending on the program), followed by the time for shopping or leisurely time at the café.

Overview of Main Store HAKUKOKAN

Facility name HAKUICHI Main Store HAKUKOKAN
Address 2-1-1 Morito, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture
Phone 076-240-8911 (direct)
Fax 076-240-6800
Hours 9:00 - 18:00
Experiential programs: 9:00 - 17:00
Café: 9:00 - 17:00
Open Daily (except January 1)
Admission Free
Facilities <1st Floor>
Store (Kanazawa Gold Leaf Craft, sweets, alcoholic beverages, and cosmetics)
HAKUICHI Café (gold leaf soft ice cream, gold leaf coffee, anmitsu parfait and others) Seats 30 people

<Basement 1>
History gallery, demonstration studio for metal leaf pounding/transfer (until 17:00)
 Experience studios (for 1 - 14 people)
<<4th Floor>>
Hall (for group experience: 15 - 70 people)
Accessibility Elevator (up to 11 people)
Accessible restroom (Basement 1)
Wheelchair ramp to the parking lots
Parking Free
Can accommodate up to 6 large tourist coaches (advance notice requested)
Access Right by Kanazawa Nishi Exit (1 min. to Fukui-bound Exit and 5 min. to Toyoma-bound Exit by car)
Time to get to major tourist destination
Kenrokuen (30 min.), Higashi Chayagai (30 min.), Omicho Market (30 min.)

Outline of Gold-leafing Experience (for groups)

Courses Recommendation Items The required time
(30 people)
The required time
(70 people)
The charge
(including tax)
Apprentice Course   Picture Card 20min. 40min. 500yen
Chopsticks 30min. 45min. 800yen
Master Course Plate 40min. 55min. 1,000yen
Small Box 60min. 75min. 1,500yen
Hand Mirror 60min. 75min. 1,500yen
Tray 60min. 75min. 1,800yen
Wizard Course Chopsticks 50min. 65min. 1,000yen
Plate 50min. 65min. 1,200yen
Small Box 85min. 85min. 1,800yen
Hand Mirror 70min. 85min. 1,800yen
Tray 80min. 90min. 2,000yen
<Gold-leafing experience is available at 2 venues.>


2-1-1 Morito, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture
PHONE: 076-240-8911

*Groups of 1 - 14 people - Experience studio

*Groups of 15 - 70 people - 4th floor hall

Kanazawa Bikazari Asano(in Higashi Chayagai)

1-8-3 Higashiyama, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture
Phone: 076-251-8911
*Available courses: Apprentice and Master Courses only
*Parking Space: None
*Closed on Tuesdays

Groups of 1 - 30 people
“HAKUICHI Experiential Studio” on the 2nd floor


Hours <<Main Store HAKUKOKAN>> 9:00 - 16:00 (starting time) | Closed on Open daily (except January 1)
<<Kanazawa Bikazari Asano>> 10:00 - 15:00 (starting time) | Closed on Tuesdays
Venues <<Main Store HAKUKOKAN>>
Groups of 1 - 14 people - Experience studio
Groups of 15 - 70 people - 4th floor hall

<<Kanazawa Bikazari Asano>>
Groups of 1 - 30 people - “Experiential Studio” on the 2nd floor
* Kanazawa Bikazari Asano does not have the elevator.
Target age Elementary school students and above (Small children accompanied by guardians are accepted.)
Cancellation Up to 50 people: 1 week prior or earlier
51 people or more: 2 weeks prior or earlier
Cancellation after the above periods may result in the cancellation fee.

How to reserve

[Note for Group Visitors]

Groups (15 visitors or more) and visitors arriving by coaches are requested to make advance reservation.
Small groups including family trips can walk in at any time. (No reservation neces
Reservation required for gold-leafing experiences.
All members of the same group are required to work on the same item. (The choice of multiple items per group is not accepted.)
No group discount available.
When you make the reservation via fax or online reservation form, we will confirm your reservation via return fax or e-mail.