Gold Leaf Crafts

Have Kanazawa’s Traditional Craft of “Kanazawa Gold Leaf” Much Closer to You

Out of the wish to “bring the extraordinary excitement of Kanazawa Gold Leaf not only to high-end articles but daily-use items”, we have been developing products that match the modern lifestyle.
We humbly suggest the new lifestyle to enjoy the heart-enriching beauty of gold leaf in your daily life with the inherited tradition of Kanazawa.
  • Japanese Bush Warbler

    Japanese Bush Warbler

    A bird obscurely sitting by blossoms is depicted in the Kanazawa Gold Leaf background. The small bird and cherry blossoms are drawn by our proprietary decoration technique called “heaped up surihaku leaf”. Makes the perfect gift to celebrate the important milestone or for overseas friends.

  • Spring Moon through the Mist

    Spring Moon through the Mist

    Series of delicately thin tableware that is not only beautiful but matches the modern lifestyle. The depiction of the spring moon seen through the mist with the “metal leaf” turns the wood grains into the authentic background with the compressed beauty. The series marks the birth of the practical beauty.

  • Kanazawa Gold-leafed Folding Fan

    Kanazawa Gold-leafed Folding Fan

    Folding fans made exclusively with the domestic materials and traditional technique. The grass paper decoration technique for ancient Japanese poem books and tanzaku strips as well as folding screens and the painting method for Japanese-style paintings made this series of delightful articles.

  • USB Flash Drive with Gold-leafed Prints

    USB Flash Drive with Gold-leafed Prints

    The domestically-grown wild tree is coated with lacquer and finished with gold-leafed motifs of Japan to make USB flash drives. HAKUICHI and I-O Data work together to combine the highly reliable USB flash drives and the traditional techniques.

  • Kanazawa Gold-leafed Fountain Pen

    Kanazawa Gold-leafed Fountain Pen

    Fountain pens co-developed with Platinum Pen. Japanese motifs are reproduced over the fountain pens with meticulously designed tips. Concentrating the technologies and experiences of the two companies, this series is at the pinnacle of Japanese manufacturing art.

  • Kodaihaku - Treated Metal Lea

    Kodaihaku - Treated Metal Lea

    This series is called “Kodaihaku”, each item of which shines in its unique tone. We have created the very special Kanazawa Gold Leaf with distinctive gradation by treating a gold leaf with our proprietary technique. The series has been the best and longtime seller sine our founding.

  • Purity


    The white porcelain is boldly decorated with gold leaf. The slightly rough surface brings out the best of the brilliance of gold leaf, and the delicately beautiful shine and shadow dance in the reflection of light. This series gives you the sparklingly luxurious time.

  • Kanazawa Gold-leafed Kimekomi Dolls

    Kanazawa Gold-leafed Kimekomi Dolls

    Elegant kimekomi dolls now wear gorgeous kimonos of Kanazawa Gold-leafed cloths in unique and beautiful colors. Meet hina dolls for Girls’ Festival, samurai dolls for Boys’ Festival and dolls representing the Chinese zodiac of the year (in a limited quantity every year).

  • Folding Screens

    Folding Screens

    Our seasoned craftsmen hand-produce folding screens, the traditional furniture with both the “artistic value” and “practical beauty”. Our folding screens are made by the traditional technique yet come in the sizes and specifications that suit the modern houses and lifestyles.