Basic Philosophy

In our daily business to offer a wide range of products including metal leaves as materials, crafts, cosmetics, edible gold leaf, architectural materials and industrial products as well as the tourism services under the vision “A culture of brilliance for the joy of tomorrow ‘Life Creation Company HAKUICHI’”, Hakuichi Incorporated is fully aware that it is a critical social responsibility to protect the personal information. We are committed to fully and constantly informing all board members and employees of the importance of protecting such information, and ensuring to implement the following items as the foundation of our initiatives to protect the personal information.

【Privacy Policy】

Hakuichi Incorporated (Company, hereafter) considers protecting the personal information of our customers (Personal Information, hereafter) is the basis to earn their trust as well as the social responsibility of Company. We hereby declare that we handle Personal Information provided by our customers with appropriate care, define the privacy policy and protect Personal Information appropriately under this policy.

Company shall collect, use and provide Personal Information in an appropriate manner within the scope that is necessary for the business operation and for the clearly defined purpose/purposes. Personal Information collected by Company shall be used only within the scope of the defined purpose/purposes, and shall not be used for any other purpose/purposes.
Company shall abide by the laws and regulations, government policies and other rules that apply to how to handle Personal Information.
Company shall take appropriate preventive and corrective measures to avoid the unauthorized use, loss, destruction, falsification and leakage of Personal Information.
Company shall establish the management system to protect Personal Information, and review and improve on an ongoing basis.
Company shall establish the dedicated section to deal with the complaints and inquiries on how Personal Information is handled in order to respond in an appropriate manner.

【Inquiry on Privacy Policy】

Personal Information Inquiry Desk, Hakuichi Incorporated
Hours: 9:00 - 18:00 on weekdays

Handling of Personal Information at Company

1. Corporate Name Hakuichi Incorporated

Hakuichi Incorporated

2. Name or Title, Department and Contact Number

●Name: Officer in Charge of Personal Information Protection Masaharu Yamauchi
●Department: Administrative Department, Hakuichi Incorporated
●Corporate Number +81-76-240-0891

3. Purpose/Purposes to Use Personal Information

a) Purpose/purposes to collect Personal Information directly from the person himself/herself in writing (including via websites and emails. Writing, hereafter):  As the information on the person himself/herself to process/ship the ordered products, answer the inquiries and send the mail magazines.
b) Purpose/purposes to collect Personal Information directly from the person himself/herself by methods other than in Writing:  Company may use Personal Information collected from the person himself/herself by methods other than what is specified in a) shown above to process/ship products. 

4. Provision of Personal Information to Third Party/Parties

Company shall not provide Personal Information to third party/parties except in situations defined below;

(1) when the person himself/herself agrees,
(2) when required by laws,
(3) when outsourcing all or part of the task related to handling Personal Information within the scope that is necessary to achieve the purpose/purposes specified when collecting Personal Information, and
(4) when the disclosure is critical to protect life/lives, health or property AND it is not possible to obtain the consent.

5. Outsourcing of the Handling of Personal Information

When Company decides to outsource and commission the third party/parties to handle Personal Information, Company shall review the said third party/parties thoroughly, sign the non-disclosure agreement, and supervise appropriately.

6. Review, Correction and Deletion of Personal Information

Customers can demand Company to disclose their own Personal Information.  In case they find the error or the need for revision in Personal Information Company keeps, they can demand to correct, add and/or delete any items.

7. Arbitrary Property of Provision of Personal Information

Users are entitled to decide solely on their own discretion whether or not to provide Personal Information.  However, they should be advised that, in case they do not agree to provide such information, they may not be able to use all or a part of the services and Company reserves the rights to refuse their use of the services.

8. Collection of Personal Information from Website

(1) Use of Cookie
The website of Company sends a piece of data called cookie to the user's computer to specify the user’s computer and provide more user-friendly services.  The cookie is used to identify the user's computer, and NOT to identify the user himself/herself.

(2) SSL
The website of Company uses the SSL technology in order to protect Personal Information of our customers.  Personal Information our customers enter, such as names, addresses and phone numbers, are automatically encrypted to transmit.  Therefore, even if the transmission is intercepted by the third party/parties, the content will not be readily available for the interceptor/interceptors. 

(3) Access Log
The website of Company keeps the information of visitors in the form called access log.  It includes the domain names, IP addresses, types of browsers they use and time/day of access, but not, in normal circumstances, the personally identifiable information.  The use of access log is limited for the maintenance/management of the website as well as the statistical analysis of the usage, and not for any other purposes.