Metal Leaf Material

Start Your “Kanazawa Gold Leaves” Expertise with as Few as One Piece from over 100 Selection.

“Kanazawa Gold Leaf” - the treasure the Kanazawa’s artisans put their heart and soul produce with the time-honored technique. HAKUICHI has created new standards that are friendly to regular users of the Kanazawa Gold Leaf that once was exclusively for professionals.
Now, you can buy the brilliant beauty from as few as one piece.
  • Genuine Gold Leaf

    Genuine Gold Leaf

    Our genuine gold leaves are carefully produced by our craftsmen, and perfect for crafts and artworks. Ones carrying the carat (K) indication for your convenience are also available. Ranging from 18K to 24K, we have five different fineness to suit your needs.

  • Colored Silver Leaf

    Colored Silver Leaf

    Silver leaves are now dressed in different shades. See the diverse range of colors. Mix and match from 60 different shades, just like paints, to create artworks with modern touch.

  • Color-altered Gold Leaf

    Color-altered Gold Leaf

    HAKUICHI’s very own Kanazawa Gold Leaves with altered colors to bring out the subtle nuance. Produced with our proprietary technique, this series will give you the delicate touch to your creation.

  • Marbled Silver Leaf

    Marbled Silver Leaf

    Uniquely marbled with our proprietary technique. Each and every piece of this Kanazawa Silver Leaf has different pattern.

  • Yuzen Silver Leaf

    Yuzen Silver Leaf

    HAKUICHI’s original patterned Kanazawa Silver Leaf created by our proprietary technique.
    Kanazawa’s very own dapples, cherry blossoms and more will give your creation the unmistakable flavor of Japan.

  • Metal Leaves

    Metal Leaves

    In addition to gold, we offer various Kanazawa Metal Leaves such as silver, platinum and copper straightforwardly showing the beauty of each material.

  • Zumi Foil

    Zumi Foil

    Metal foils of the pre-leaf stage. They are 10 times thicker than leaves, and perfect for heat-treated crafts like glassware, pottery and enamels.

  • Powder/Flakes/Confetti


    A wide variety of rounded, flatted and ultra-fine metal powder as well as metal flakes are available for more freedom in your creation.

  • Tools


    Professional tools including the bamboo tweezers, sprinkler, leaf transfer paper and adhesive will enhance your expertise with metal leaves.