Cosmetics Oil Blotting Paper

Staying Close to Women Who Want to Stay Beautiful

HAKUICHI has been staying close to the women’s beauty ever since we launched the oil blotting paper made by the same production method as the gold pounding paper in 1976.
Preserving the quality of the oil blotting paper since our founding, we now produce/offer gold leaf cosmetics and spa-grade gold leaf to support women with their skin needs.
  • Super-penetrating Hydration Skin Care “KINKA”

    Hydration Skin Care “KINKA”

    Based on the hydrating property of gold and the skin-beatifying power of plants, this brand of skin care helps a wide range of skin needs women have. Your skin is firm and well-hydrated from the dermis layer.

  • Spa-grade Gold Leaf

    Spa-grade Gold Leaf

    Gold-leaf facial masks, the popular choice in the luxury courses at high-end spas and hotel salons, are now a part of your daily skin care regimen at home. Choose from our usable range.

  • Oil Blotting Paper

    Oil Blotting Paper

    Inspired by the “Furuya Paper”, the by-product of gold leaf production, HAKUICHI commercialized the “Oil Blotting Paper Made by the Gold Pounding Paper Production Method” for the first time in Japan. Highly absorbent, it instantly removes excess sebum and helps you touch up your makeup.