Edible Gold Leaf

Bring Special Moment to Your Daily Table

Gold leaf has been incorporated in the culinary culture for the celebration since ancient time. Wishing more people to enjoy gold leaf at their table, we have created a large variety of items including tempting sweets you want every day, gold leaf coffee and sake with gold flakes, a popular gift item.
  • Sweets


    Daily use sweets are now dressed with gold leaf, the staple at celebrations. Find your favorite from the homey sweets you want to enjoy every day or the masterpiece of our pastry chefs that is perfect for special gifts.

  • Coffee


    Freeze-dried coffee meets gold leaf. The coffee is the blend of bitter Brazilian beans and fragrant Colombian beans. Sparkles of floating gold leaf gorgeously accentuate your coffee break.

  • Alcoholic Beverages

    Alcoholic Beverages

    Make your pick from our crisp and dry “sake” with gold flakes, “plum wine” accompanied by plum-shaped gold leaves, and sweet potato shochu made from kaga maruimo, the specialty vegetable of Kaga region. Gift boxes are also available to make perfect gifts with your selection.

  • Topping Ideas

    Topping Ideas

    We have a huge variety of edible gold leaf to gorgeously accentuate your culinary scenes, either you are having Japanese food or Western cuisine. Our selection includes, but not limited to, the standard gold powder, small metal dragees of pearly shine, and Anniversary Gold Leaf in celebratory letters and symbols.