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Recommended Kanazawa Gold Leaf Gifts

We have a wide range of Kanazawa Gold Leaf gifts here at Main Store HAKUKOKAN. From affordable sweets and alcoholic beverages to genuine crafts you can choose for your special someone as well as gold leaf cosmetics to treat yourself with, we are confident that you can find the right items for your needs.
Gold-leafed items are perfect as gifts from your trip to Kanazawa. Take your time to select the right ones from our assortment that are delightful just to look at.

Gold-leafed Crafts to Glamorously Accentuate

Your Daily Life

Crafts of HAKUICHI are all handmade by our seasoned craftsmen. Tableware to delight you in every situation of your life, perfect room decoration items for each season and event, jewelry, as well as stationery to make great gifts for gentlemen are among our wide array of products.
Let our staff know your budget, and they will be happy to give you advice. Feel free to stop by.

Globally Popular

Gold Leaf Cosmetics

HAKUICHI is the long-standing manufacturer which commercialized the “Oil Blotting Paper Made by the Gold Pounding Paper Production Method” for the first time in Japan. Providing oil blotting paper to many cosmetics manufacturers since our founding, we have been the proud supplier of the staple for women’s touch-up needs.We are committed to creating products to closely support the feminine beauty, and have developed gold leaf cosmetics to single-mindedly bring out the natural beauty of women’s skin.
The inclusion of gold leaf in the formulae is known to enhance the hydration and resilience of the skin, and our cosmetics line is so highly appreciated that many customers buy them again after purchasing ones as the gift from their trip to Kanazawa. Now, its popularity does not stay in Japan but expanded globally to the Greater China and Middle East.

Sake with Gorgeous Gold Flakes

Gold flakes are generously added to the carefully chosen junmai sake.
Dry junmai sake with the profound flavor of rice is so rich and smooth, and softly fragrant.
Hold the bottle of genuine junmai sake upside down, and gold flakes float all over the liquid looking absolutely gorgeous. Makes the perfect gift.
Comes in the classy grass paper package that needs no further gift-wrapping.
A pair in a box is also available, so feel free to inquire at our store front.

Delightful to Receive

Cute Gold Leaf Sweets

Our bestseller sweets is a series called “Kanazawa Metal Leaf Sweets”. It is the assortment of cute and adorable sweets to make you smile and enjoy. Not only typical Japanese sweets like good old sugar confetti and yellow camellia candy but also ones with freeze-dried strawberries, everything in our range of sweet offers makes great companion of your unwinding tea breaks.
Featuring the auspicious “Shippo” pattern and the circle to symbolize the amicability on the package, our sweets are also popular for celebrations.

Supreme Quality Crafts of the New Forms

From the original pieces in the motif of the famous paintings of Rinpa and Kano schools to the modern arts with the impressive sparkle of Kanazawa Gold Leaf, we have a wide array of supreme quality crafts. In our gallery, we have a wide range of crafts stemmed from the Japanese culture and custom together with many more. We are offering the new and unconventional style of crafts, as the art pieces to stay close to our customers’ lives.

Information for Group Visitors

Main Store HAKUKOKAN is the comprehensive gold leaf museum to let you enjoy gold leaf with your five senses. Within five-minute drive from Kanazawa Nishi Exit (or 1 minute to the up-way toll gate), it is conveniently located to include in any sightseeing plans of Kanazawa. Makes a wonderful part of a trip to Kanazawa/Noto or to the surrounding Hokuriku areas. Free parking space can accommodate up to six large tourist coaches. We are proud that our past visitors were very happy for a wide variety of fun expedition in the gold leaf world such as the museum, experience and café they enjoyed in a short length of time.
Group visits can be arranged for parties of 10 or more, or even school trips of over 100.
We accept group visits anytime, so please inquire today.