Immerse Yourself
in the Gold Leaf Culture

Different visitors have their own plans to enjoy Kanazawa. With stores in major tourist destinations in Kanazawa, visitors with any length of stay or itinerary can enjoy the gold leaf culture at HAKUICHI.
Don’t miss the wonderful experience HAKUICHI offers when you come to Kanazawa.
You must visit Higashi Chayagai in your first visit to Kanazawa. We have Higashiyama Store, as large as our Main Store, which started to offer the gold leaf soft ice cream that created sensation. If you come by car, why don’t you stop by at our Main Store at the gateway to Kanazawa to learn the history and property of gold leaf before enjoying the beautiful city?

Comprehensive Museum to Enjoy Gold Leaf with Your Five Senses


Learn and Experience the Gold Leaf.

At Main Store, a guide will give a free tour of the museum upon request. You can have fun and learn the history of the development of the gold-leaf industry, how thin gold leaf is and its property. Don’t forget the gold-leafing programs after you get familiar with gold leaf.
We offer a wide array of programs including the gold-leaf transfer you try with the real professional tools and metal-leafing experience to create your original crafts. Reservations recommended but walk-ins are also welcomed as long as there is vacancy. Group reservations are also welcomed.

Have a Break After Shopping.

Enjoy gold leaf soft ice cream, or gold leaf coffee, seasonal sweets as well as local sake and beer at the Main Store café. Our ever popular Brilliance of Gold Leaf Soft Ice Cream is also available for take out, so even if you do not have enough time for lounging, you can treat yourself to this shining delicacy in your cars or buses.

Take a Close Look at the Skills of Gold Leaf Craftsmen

The best part of visiting our Main Store is that you can take a close look at the final processes of gold leaf production - final pounding and transfer. The pounding machine inside the soundproof glass walls generates huge noise like the jet aircrafts taking off. See the powerful process with your own eyes. In the transfer process, you can witness how the micro-thin gold leaf that can fly away with the weakest of breath is delicately trimmed with bamboo tools. Our craftsman is also happy to offer you the explanation.

Shop like a Treasure Hunt.

Enjoy shopping after familiarizing yourself with gold leaf. We provide testers for the beauty care items like gold leaf cosmetics that women just love as well as the “Oil Blotting Paper Made by the Gold Pounding Paper Production Method” HAKUICHI commercialized for the first time in Japan, so you can see how it feels on your skin before buying.
Our wide variety of products ranges from casual items for your own use to the high-end crafts ideal for the seasonal decoration, so you can even find the perfect gifts for your special someone.

Enjoy Gold Leaf Soft Ice Cream and Shopping in Higashiyama Area

Higashiyama Store

Gold Leaf Soft Ice Cream Created a Boom

Gold Leaf Soft Ice Cream is one of the most famous goodies of Kanazawa. It all started when HAKUICHI offered the “Brilliance of Gold Leaf Soft Ice Cream” for 891 yen from three days prior to the launch of Hokuriku Shinkansen in the limited quantity to celebrate the launch. It was covered by many TV shows from the launch day, and the store quickly started to shine on social media. Enjoy the “Brilliance of Gold Leaf Soft Ice Cream” many celebrities took pictures and enjoyed at our Higashiyama Store.

Stroll about Higashi Chayagai in Kimono

Strolling about the town in the rented kimono has become very popular recently. Many kimono rental places opened near Kanazawa Station and Higashi Chayagai for the convenience of tourists. Wearing the kimonos of seasonal prints and strolling with your friends and boy/girlfriend will be very photogenic and fun experience.

Try Cosmetics with No Obligation.

Once you try, you will be surprised how absorbent HAKUICHI’s oil blotting paper is. It is much more instantly absorbing and softer than other ones, and you can try for yourself before you buy one. Testers for cosmetics are also available to give you the chance to feel the hydration upon application. Great for yourself as well as gifts from your trip.

Suggestion on the Seasonal Touch

HAKUICHI treasures the Japanese habits and traditions in our creation, and we offer a large variety of crafts to give the seasonal touch to your fashion/décor. You can find the perfect items from our wide range of products from the affordably priced items to the masterpieces worthy of gifts to your special someone. If you cannot decide, feel free to ask our staffs for advice and we will be happy to help you.

Theme Shop of Traditional Craft. Also Popular for Gold-leafing Experience.

Kanazawa Bikazari Asano

Gold-leafing Experience Is a Must in Kanazawa.

Kanazawa produces the largest amount of gold leaf in Japan. Over 98% is produced in this city. So when you visit Kanazawa, you just have to experience gold-leafing to feel the beauty and the thinness of gold leaf. The standard gold leaf is very thin and delicate that you simply cannot handle with your fingers, and we use the one specifically developed for the experiential purposes that anyone can handle to readily give you the joy of craft making.

Rest Assured and
Experience Gold-leafing

The second floor is dedicated to the gold-leafing experience of HAKUICHI. We offer a variety of programs from 500 yen to 1800 yen. Even small children and beginners can make beautiful crafts quite easily. Our craftsmen will carefully take you through the steps, so rest assured and try! Reservations recommended but walk-ins are also welcomed as long as there is vacancy.
(Sign up for gold-leafing experience: 076-240-8911)

Meet the Traditional Craft of Hokuriku

Kanazawa Bikazari Asano is the theme shop to offer art pieces created by traditional craft artists of Hokuriku. Not just nationally recognized traditional crafts such as Kaga Yuzen dye, Kutaniyaki porcelain, Wajimanuri lacquerware, and Kanazawa Gold Leaf, we also offer paulownia crafts, Kaga decorative cord crafts and Kaganui embroidery works, all of which are considered as rare traditional crafts of Ishikawa Prefecture, as well as crafts from Toyama and Fukui.

So Many Kawaii Items

With the store name “Bikazari” coming from the concept of providing crafts to beautifully accessorize Kanazawa ladies, this store is the theme store of “kawaii” traditional craft. Selecting crafts that used to be considered unapproachable with the female perspectives, our product range is full of affordable, daily and usable articles such as jewelry and small household items.