Kanazawa Station Hyakubangai Store

Kanazawa Station Hyakubangai Store

Find Your Gifts from Kanazawa in the Station Store

HAKUICHI Hyakubangai Store is directly connected to Kanazawa Station, the entrance to Kanazawa. Hyakubangai is the full scale shopping mall in the Station with all great Kanazawa specialties.
Located in Anto of Hyakubangai, HAKUICHI Hyakubangai Store offers a wide variety of goods from crafts to oil blotting paper and cosmetics - the favorite of Kanazawa beauties.
If you come for business or pleasure, this store will be your first choice.
Address Kanazawa Hyakubangai Anto, 1-1 Kinoshinbomachi, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture 920-0858
Phone 076-234-0891
Hours 8:30 a.m -8:00 p.m
Closed New Year’s Day
Product range crafts, cosmetics, oil blotting paper, sweets, edible gold leaf,

Store in the Station Offering Crafts and Cosmetics

Being the store in the station, you can quickly shop and go at Hyakubangai Store. Even the busiest visitors can find very Kanazawa items.

Gifts from Your Private or Business Trips Are All Here

Just visit us and you can find gifts from your private as well as business trips. Our experienced staffs will be happy to give suggestions.

Great Location Right by the Ticket Gate

Hyakubangai is conveniently located with the ticket gate in the property. You can catch your train right after you shop at this full scale mall.

Convenient Even for Drivers

The city can be very crowded in some seasons. With abundant parking spaces around the station, you may want to park and take buses for more agile sightseeing. (Photo courtesy of Kanazawa City)

By Car

Use the designated parking space for the Hyakubangai Store.For details, see the parking information of Hyakubangai.

By Train

・Right by the ticket gate of Kanazawa St