Himi Store

Himi Store
Gold Leaf Soft Ice Cream

In the Vicinity of Himi Fishing Port.
A Place to Meet “Local Sake” and “Traditional Craft”

“Himi Ban’yagai”, the commercial complex filled with the charm of Himi, opened its door in the location with the undisturbed view of the sea in Himi City, Toyama Prefecture.
It is famous for the stores offering local delicacies of Toyama, such as fresh seafood. Himi Store of HAKUICHI offers a wide range of local sake from Toyama and Ishikawa that goes superbly with seafood, as well as the Kanazawa Gold Leaf Crafts including sake cups/flasks.
Address Higashino Ban’ya, Himi Ban’yagai, 25-5 Kitaomachi, Himi City, Toyama Prefecture 935-0004
Phone 0766-54-0891
Hours 09:30 - 18:00
Closed Open daily
Product range (store) interior décor, tableware, jewelry, sake / (café) gold leaf soft ice cream

Meet the Crafts of Hokuriku

Traditional crafts of Hokuriku, such as the famous Kanazawa Gold Leaf, Takaokadoki copperware, Kutaniyaki porcelain and more, are reinterpreted with the modern touch for today’s lifestyle. Choose from our wide selection of interior décor and jewelry.

One and Only in Toyama.
Savor the Gold Leaf Soft Ice Cream.

This is the only store in Toyama you can find the “Brilliance of Gold Leaf Soft Ice Cream”, a popular treat at HAKUICHI stores in Kanazawa (only on Fridays/Saturdays/Sundays).

Choose You Favorite from 150 Local Sake

You can enjoy over 150 different local sake at Himi Shuraku. With “Enjoy sake” as the keyword, this store is dedicated to accentuate your life with sake.

Full Lineup of Oil Blotting Paper Especially Made for Himi Store

Per the passionate requests, we have expanded the oil blotting paper section. “Ecchu Yuyu” series made especially for Himi Store is waiting for you.

By Air

Take the airport limousine bus from Toyama Airport and get off at Takaoka Station.
Take JR Himi Line and get off at Himi Station (30 minutes train ride).
5 minutes by car from Himi Station.

By Car

・26-minute drive on Noetsu Expressway from the Oyabe/Tonami Junction of Hokuriku Expressway, then 8 minutes from Himi Exit.
・5 minutes by car from JR Himi Station.
・Free parking space available. Accommodates up to 12 large tourist coaches and 220 cars.

By Train

・From Tokyo (2 hours 56 minutes): Tokyo Station > (Hokuriku Shinkansen) > Toyama Station > Takaoka Station > Himi Station
・From Osaka (3 hours 28 minutes): Osaka Station > (Thunderbird) -> Kanazawa Station > Shin-takaoka Station > Takaoka Station > Himi Station
・From Nagoya (3 hours 42 minutes): Nagoya Station > (Tokaido Shinkansen)> Maibara Station > (Shirasagi) > Takaoka Station > Himi Station

*5 minutes by car from Himi Station.